M.D. Los Angeles, California, USA

Rajeev K. Sharma is extremely gifted in the science of numerology and in metaphysical matters, and his accuracy and predictions are uncannily on the mark every time. His readings are always power-packed with information and extremely detailed. He is simply amazing, and has been right about EVERYTHING he has said that would occur in my life. He is also very supportive and is always accessible for any questions no matter where he is in the world (even when he is on tour), and provides constant guidance in all matters from love life, to career to even questions about those surrounding us and whether the people in our life are positive or negative, harmful influences in our life. Rajeev has completely changed and transformed my life since the day I met him. He is a very positive force in my life, and has a very healing energy about him. Rajeev's readings are very uplifting, and he gives much hope and faith for a brighter future, and offers wonderful spiritual remedies to help in overcoming


Houston Texas

Rajeev prewarned me about my health in 2006. He specifically told me what my ailments would be and how to be careful and take care of myself. He also told me when my health would improve--and it has significantly. On another note, Rajeev has given me advice on my relationships of the people around me. He forewarned me about certain people in my life who would betray me and also to watch out for. I never would have imagined these people to do such things, but sure enough--they did. By listening to his advice, I paid closer attention to those around me which has helped prevent stress and other problems.

Komal Sharma

United Kingdom (UK)

I have known Rajeev Sharma for the past 15years as both my numerologist and personal advisor so I feel well versed in commenting on him.\r\nI first met Rajeev when my sister was getting married and the first question he ever asked me was \"what happened in 1997\" which was a year that held particular significance for me. I remember thinking, my God this man knows everything about me.\r\nFrom that day to now, Rajeev has helped me throughout life at many turning points...be it job interviews, marriage decisions or even what colour clothes to wear to important meetings.\r\nRajeev\'s numerology has help guide me successfully through many chapters of my life and Rajeev has become more of family than just a numerologist.\r\nHis predictions have always be accurate and this is what has instilled faith and confidence in his advice.\r\nHe truly is a close friend who is always ready to lend a listening ear, guide me through difficult times and use his expertise and knowledge to help better my lif

Ruby Hammer

I have known Rajeev for over 5 years and I must say he is a god send. He guides me in making the best decisions that affects my life with humor and compassion. Now that Rajeev is in my life, I hope he stays there for ever


Ios texas Houston,

Rajeev told me specifically that I would have nerve pain on my left leg! Sure enough, that is what the doctor told me as well. To be that specific on a health ailment is remarkable.